My Furological Clock is Ticking

So I’ve been campaigning to get a puppy for the past, oh, two years, off and on. We agreed that until the wedding was finished, there was no point in discussing it. But now the wedding’s over, and I want a dog.

Today I emailed Hubby this at work, with the subject heading: “I can haz home?”

He just phoned, and we had the following conversation:

Me: Hey! Did you get my email?

Him: Yes. Do NOT bring that dog home! (Ed’s note: that phrase gets uttered a LOT lately).

Me: Whaaaa? But it’s so cute! Look at his eyes!

Him: No!

Me: *whines* Why not?

Him: Because, do you remember the last time you thought it’d be a good idea to bring a stray into the condo?

Me: Yes. It turned out great. Year and a half later, we’re happily married. Hahahaha!

Him: *sigh*. I meant the kitten. Remember? She cried all the time, and now we can’t have nice things because she breaks them all.

Me: That’s a good point. There’d be nothing left for Hans Moleman to break!

Him: WHO!?

Me: Erm. Hans Moleman. The puggle.

Him: No. NO! NO DOG! I’m serious! If I come home and there’s a dog, I’m going to be pissed! DO NOT GET A DOG.

Me: *sulkily* Fine. But if in two days, you realize that Hans would make our lives so much better, and then there are no puggles left, and you’re all, “why didn’t I listen to my wife? She’s so much smarter than me and now we have no dogs and one evil kitten and I have nothing to live for”, and then one day we’re out walking and we meet one of the dogs and the owner has named it Hans Moleman, and you gouge out your own eyes, then don’t come crying to me.

Him: I’ll live with it.

Me: Fine. Jerk.

Him: *cheerily* Love you too! Bye!


~ by persnickette on November 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “My Furological Clock is Ticking”

  1. You.Are.Hilarious.

  2. poor hubby…doesn’t know what he’s got himself in to

  3. I love that’s this is posted under the topic of ‘Why I’m Fun to Live With’. lmao

  4. BUHAHHAHAHA! Hans Moleman? are you kidding me?! love this blog!

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