…that I’d stop being startled by the surround sound

…that my new “one-duvet-under-the-topsheet-one-duvet-in-the-duvet-cover” sleeping system wasn’t *quite* so appealing to everyone else, including the cats, who will not GET OFF THE BED

…that my clothes would iron their damn selves

…that Demon Spawn would stop eating whatever it is she finds in the condo that causes her to emit such stinky poos

…that “Lisey’s Song” wasn’t such a quick read

…that there would be some way to make SURE no one bought me body lotion or candles for Christmas. Apparently people think I’m poorly-lubricated (heh) and do not have electricity

…that I could somehow find a way to parlay dirty Chris Cornell fantasies into a career

…that there was some rehab for Lululemon. Surely a cocaine addiction would be cheaper

…that I had taped Hubby’s concession last night during the “24: Redemption” movie, wherein he admitted that I was right about the argument we had last week about who would win an unarmed fight between Jack Bauer and James Bond. I told him that Bond would never kill someone by biting them in the neck until they died. Today he denies everything

"You Can Haz Couch, Bitch"

“You Can Haz Couch, Bitch”


~ by persnickette on November 25, 2008.

One Response to “Wishing…”

  1. YAY!!! Can you really blame DS? Plus he’ll keep you warm on the wintery nights.

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